Suitable For Beginners

For beginners, it is appropriate to choose simple and smaller cross stitch projects.

1. Choose a small size design: Choosing a smaller design at the beginning can help you gradually master the basic skills of cross stitch, and the time to complete the project will be shorter.

2. Choose simple patterns: Beginners can choose some simple patterns, such as a single color or a design with only a few colors, which will be easier to master and avoid the challenge of feeling too complicated.

3. Use stamped cross stitch: Beginners can choose some embroidery fabrics or sets that already have pre-printed patterns, so that they can more easily follow the pattern for embroidery and not get lost in counting.

4. Please note that when choosing the CT , you should decide based on your own embroidery skills and comfort level. Beginners can start with lower CT values and gradually increase the difficulty of the challenge.(The smallest CT in our store is 9CT, and the largest is 18CT)

Embroidering cross stitch requires patience and meticulous attention, and it's important to choose a pattern that suits your level and interests. Learn and practice step by step and you will gradually master more techniques and techniques.

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