How To Embroider?

When embroidering, you need to determine the core of the midpoint. The core of determining the midpoint is to ensure that the embroidered pattern is located in the middle of the cross checkered cloth. In the embroidery process, it is necessary to constantly calculate the starting position of the cross stitch line of each color according to the pattern. The easiest way is to count the coordinates of the midpoint of the cross check cloth. When starting to use the first cross stitch thread, please reserve an inch-long thread tail behind the cross check cloth. Hold the end of the thread with your fingers, and then start making the cross stitch. During the embroidery process, the stitches will fix the thread tails. After finishing a cross stitch thread, just use the narrowing stitch method behind the cross check cloth and cut off the remaining line segments. If you want to use a new cross-stitch thread, pass the needle and cross-stitch thread through the bottom of a few stitches near the position where you restarted embroidery (similar to the narrowing cross-stitch embroidery method).

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