What is 9CT,11CT, 14CT, 16CT And 18CT ?

(1) 9CT, 11CT, 14CT, 16CT, and 18CT refer to the different counts of Aida cloth used for cross-stitch embroidery. These counts are calculated based on how many squares (also known as "mesh") there are per inch, with higher counts indicating smaller squares and allowing for more detailed stitching.

9CT: 9 squares per inch, with larger squares; suitable for beginners or projects that need to be completed quickly.

11CT: 11 squares per inch, one of the most common counts, with medium-sized squares; suitable for most cross-stitch projects.

14CT: 14 squares per inch, another very common count, with smaller squares than 11CT; suitable for most projects with a moderate level of detail.

16CT: 16 squares per inch, finer than 14CT, allowing for even more detailed designs.

18CT: 18 squares per inch, very fine and suitable for high-quality, highly detailed designs.


(2)Classification of CT and Canvas in Biggest Craft

9CT Stamped:9CT Stamped 4 strands (canvas with printing)

9CT Counted:9CT Counted 4 strands (no printed canvas)

11CT Stamped:11CT Stamped 3 strands (canvas with printing)

11CT Counted:11CT Counted 3 strands (no printed canvas)

14CT Stamped:14CT Stamped 2 strands (canvas with printing)

14CT Counted:14CT Counted 2 strands (no printed canvas)

16CT Stamped:16CT Stamped 2 strands (canvas with printing)

16CT Counted:16CT Counted 2 strands (no printed canvas)

18CT Stamped:18CT Stamped 2 strands (canvas with printing)

18CT Counted:18CT Counted 2 strands (no printed canvas)

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